Existing partnerships and cooperations

In addition to our already existing partnerships with international patent and trademark solicitors, we are also interested in expanding our range of partners to include the field of corporate domains.

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  • Schollmeyer Rickert

    Schollmeyer & amp; Rickert

    Brand & Domain Law

    Schollmeyer & Rickert RAG with offices in Bonn and Frankfurt am Main is specialising in IT-/IP law.

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  • Dury

    Marcus Dury LL.M.

    Master of Law and Informatics

    The German law firm Dury is specialized on IT law (Information Technology), IP law (Intellectual Property) and other trade mark rights.

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  • Thomsen Trampedach

    Thomsen Trampedach


    Thomsen Trampedach is an Internet consulting firm specialized in domain names and related business processes.

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  • Dreyfus


    Brand & Domain Law

    The company can provide assistance in all aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Technology (IT)
    including trademarks.

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  • Greenberg & Lieberman

    Greenberg & Lieberman

    Brand & Domain Law

    Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC. is a Patent and Trademark Attorney and has provided domain name escrow services for domain name transfers.

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  •  secunet


    Security Consulting

    secunet is Germany's leading specialist in the area of highly complex IT security solutions.

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We are looking forward to welcome you as partners for BrandShelter™.

Alexander Siffrin, CEO Key-Systems GmbH

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