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Brand Management is essential for trademark owners and companies. Over the last fifteen years, the importance of domain names and their corresponding websites has grown significantly. Web pages and internet addresses are an integral part of organizations, their brands, and their public image; all the more reason why companies and trademark owners should enlist professional help in protecting their brands and trademarks by safely and securely administering their corporate domain portfolio. Let us assist you with your professional brand management.

Brand Management is Important!  Immense damage can be inflicted by third parties registering domain names which include your brand or trademark or elements of your marks, both to your image and financially. Typos or phonetic misspellings are often registered by third parties and may direct your customers to a different website; these so-called “typo domains” have been registered in the thousands. Sales may be lost to a competitor or a fraudulent site, resulting in loss of revenue and erosion of your brand. Subsequent legal disputes relating to the “typo domain” in question will be costly and time consuming.

The BrandShelter corporate domain portal provides professional support in managing these tasks. Our convenient brand management monitoring service gives you a comprehensive overview of domain names that include your brand and trademark names. Knowing what is owned and by whom is the first step toward the development of a domain protection strategy. Together we can develop a brand management strategy that will protect and defend your company’s interests on the Internet.

Our automated brand monitoring tools not only gather extensive information on the availability of your brands and trademarks names but also reports on domains that are available on the secondary market, providing you another brand management tool when considering which domains you need to protect.

Additionally, should you decide to pursue a domain name through legal means, we will be at your side offering expert on-the-spot support through such matters as UDRP proceedings.

Our brand monitoring services include a review of:

  • Available domain names with exact brand names and/or trademark matches
  • Available domain names, which contain elements of your brand names and/or trademarks
  • Registered domain names with exact brand names and/or trademark matches
  • Registered domain names, which contain elements of your brand names and/or trademarks
  • Available and registered domains made up of typos or phonetic misspellings of your brand names

Other available brand management services are:

  • Monitoring and reporting on root zone files of the most commonly used TLDs to discover names that contain or are derived from your brand or mark and which might be misleading
  • Preventing phishing attacks by identifying similar domain names
  • Monitoring the secondary domain market in regard to your brands
  • Automatic and comprehensive support during Sunrise phases of new top-level domains
  • Competent emergency aid in case of disputes, e.g. by initiating a UDRP procedure for the fast transfer of domains
  • Reverse whois search
  • Upon request, a weekly report showing the latest domain names that are derived from a protected word mark or brand name or which might be misleading

On this page we provide you with an insight into the customer interface of BrandShelter.

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