BrandShelter Web Interface

The web interface allows you to centrally manage and consolidate your entire domain portfolio in one user-optimized application which simplifies functions such as domain registration, domain transfer, brand management and monitoring. With BrandShelter you can also manage your name server data, contact information, and user permission levels.

  • Dashboard - Everything at a glance

    Domains, Brands, Monitoring Reports, Logs, News and other customized widgets on the main page after log-in. Any displays can be customized. Complex filter functions are available for all displays.

  • Register your domains - Simple but comprehensive

    Register domain names worldwide among all Top Level Domains (TLDs), bulk registrations are also possible. More than 600 TLDs are fully automatically available and can be ordered or changed in real time. Perform single or bulk registrations in any TLD. Users can define default TLD sets or can select from many pre-configured TLD sets (e.g. top 10 ccTLDs). Import domain names with other registrars (external) for ease in tracking your entire portfolio.

  • View domains - By division, by group, or by brand

    Access to all your domains, managed by Key-Systems and those externally managed. A business area management to separate business unit domains and / or its subsidiaries or affiliated group companies with the same integrated general overview for the main account (parent company) is also possible.

  • Manage domains - Clearly arranged and automated

    BrandShelter provides easy viewing, reporting and bulk functionality to help you manage your entire portfolio. An integrated link for clearness concerning trademarks and domain names is also included. Integrated features for domain administration such as fully automatic DNS updates, fully / partially automated NS Updates, WHOIS updates and extensions are available.

  • Monitoring - Intuitive and concise

    Start new monitoring processes and view monitoring reports. Download reports to PDF or CSV or receive them by email.

  • User Management - Simple and controlled

    Not all users shall access all functions or areas of the application? With the integrated authorization management, users can gain access only to single or multiple divisions. You can create and manage multiple users, assign access rights and view the logs of user activity.

  • Account data - Secured against unauthorized access

    We protect your account information against attacks and unwanted changes with the help of strict password policies, TTL for passwords, IP addresses access protection, PIN / TAN for Login and Process Assurance (two factor authentication) as well as a freely defined multi-step confirmation process. In addition, there is no way to use passwords again.

  • Support - Available at any time

    A dedicated account manager and an expert in-house support are available for each customer. An emergency telephone number is non-stop reachable.

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