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The security of your domain is our profession

Domain management is a core task for any company, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect a domain name portfolio and to find appropriate new names for registration. The complexity of international registration processes can be overwhelming, and the prospect of keeping up with newly emerging TLDs and international regulations is daunting. The realization that there may be significant vulnerabilities to DNS systems can be frightening, and the task of keeping up with domain name renewals in multiple currencies at different intervals is a daily challenge in domain management business.

You need a place you can call home for your domains. A place of comfort and security. BrandShelter's Domain Management Service makes it possible for you to register and manage your global domain name portfolio in one secure and easy-to-use location, providing you with the ability to register domain names around the world, even in those places where processes are quite manual. Our unique domain management application provides you real time registrations in countries around the world. The BrandShelter Domain Management Service provides easy administration, consolidation and protection of domain portfolios of any size.

Our range of domain management services includes updating, managing, consolidating and securing your entire domain portfolio as well as monitoring zones and implementing defensive and proactive policies to protect your brands and marks from would-be infringers.

In addition to managing all aspects of your domain name needs through the BrandShelter web interface, we offer personal service for your domain management needs. You will have access to a personal key account manager who can answer your questions and handle transactions on your behalf.

We understand that protecting your assets is critical. To prevent unwanted domain transfers, we not only utilize regular methods of domain management (ClientTransferProhibited), but, upon request, we can offer additional blocking options which make transfers of your domains technically impossible.

With our domain management application you have access to our world-class DNS solution. Our secure infrastructure and expert staff provide all you need to satisfy your DNS needs. Our secure DNS systems also have the added benefit of providing you with access to statistics about the use of your domain names.

Allow us to show you exactly what security in the domain world looks like.

The BrandShelter domain management services include:

  • Registration of all worldwide available top-level domains

  • Guaranteed domain renewal
  • Up-to-the-minute advice and information
  • Automated registration of dropped domains (snapback / backorder services)
  • Anonymous purchase of domain names on customer's behalf
  • Extensive anonymization service for domains
  • SSL certificates for the protection of websites
  • Up-time monitoring of internet services
  • Full DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) support on name servers
  • Reliable trustee solutions (local presence services) for TLDs with special regulations / limited availability
  • Standardized whois and DNS management (including URL forwarding), DNS troubleshooting
  • VIP Service during Sunrise launches
  • Complete support of UDRP procedures and legal proceedings
  • Dedicated key account manager
  • Phone and eMail support




    *There are currently no nTLDs in the first 2 weeks after GoLive

    Provide your domain with the total protection of BrandShelter.

    Alexander Siffrin, CEO Key-Systems GmbH


    Over the last fiftteen years, Key-Systems has gained extensive knowledge in the field of domain name management, website hosting and DNS issues. Our partners value our technical know-how and we have used our technical experience to support registries in the implementation of their systems. We have established an excellent reputation around the world in the Internet community and domain name industry.

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