Top Level Domains

Innovative Internet name spaces for your business

BrandShelter provides the registration of all available worldwide top level domains (TLDs). Due to the liberalisation of the TLD market, TLDs such as .APP, .WEB or .SHOP will be introduced in the coming years and new generic name spaces will be created for businesses. BrandShelter provides non-binding and free pre-registrations among all new TLDs as well as registrations among the already introduced new TLDs.

The Internet organization ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has received 1,930 applications for new top level domains (TLDs). Since autumn 2013 the first new top level domains were available.

  • New generic name spaces for your company, products and trademarks
  • Introduction of more than 1,400 new TLDs
  • Pre-registrations - Free of charge and without obligation – we will contact you when the new TLDs become available*
  • Registrations under the already introduced new TLDs - contact us for more information
  • We will inform you about detailed conditions for registrations.

For more information about pre-registrations / registrations of new TLDs, please contact the BrandShelter team.

Brand Monitoring – Increasingly Important

Due to the introduction of many new strings, brand owners have to deal with a new situation. The popular strategy of registering potential typo domains related to trademarks becomes more complicated considering the number of potential new extensions that will be emerging over the next few years. In the future, Brand Monitoring will play an increasingly important role. Targeted reservation of important names – just under those TLDs that are immediately related to the brand – coupled with careful monitoring of the use of brand names and corresponding typos in new and existing name spaces will be essential.

*This is a mutually non-binding pre-registration in our systems. Only after the announcement of the registration policy and prices will we inform you about the registration opportunity in detail. We will change the non-binding offer into a binding order only after your approval.





    *There are currently no nTLDs in the first 2 weeks after GoLive


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