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Your Options for Domain Disputes

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The URS process enables brand owners to file complaints, leading to a temporary suspension of a domain without ownership transfer. The domain remains suspended until its scheduled expiration, providing a swift resolution mechanism.
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The UDRP serves as a mediation framework to address disputes arising from domain names. Its primary focus is on classic instances of domain grabbing, cybersquatting, and clear violations of trademark rights, aiming to effectively resolve these issues.
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Takedown Notice
The individual holding the domain name receives notification of purported infringements and is asked to either delete the domain or transfer it to the owner of the trademark. A prompt response is required to resolve the alleged infringement.
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Domain Suspension
By engaging with the domain registrar through which the cybercriminal has registered the infringing domain, a brand owner may persuade the registrar to suspend the domain name or the account that it belongs to.
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Upon identifying an infringing domain name or website, reaching out to the hosting provider with a DMCA or cease and desist notice enables them to suspend or close the web hosting account, rendering the website inaccessible.
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DMCA Notice
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) is a special type of Cease-and-Desist notice. If the domain name holder doesn’t comply, the Internet Service Provider can forcibly remove the content on behalf of the brand owner.
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Once a domain expires, the automated snap-back mechanism activates, swiftly re-registering the domain name on behalf of the rightful brand owner. This ensures timely protection of the brand's online presence.
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Do Nothing
Domains often expire before potential exploitation, making a wait-and-see strategy the most cost-effective choice. This approach allows for strategic decisions without unnecessary expenses, providing a prudent and economical option.
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