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Why choose BrandShelter?

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Get the perfect home online!
Are you interested in securing the ideal domain for your customer's start-up or its innovative new product? With over 1300 domain endings to choose from, we handle the rest, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.
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Your perfect domain is out there!
Your desired domain is already taken? No worries, our experts have more than a decade of experiences to get it back for you. We keep your client's personal data hidden and the purchase price low.
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Get to know what is being said about you!
Reputation is everything - do not let anyone discredit your client's brand or company. We are consistently monitoring your client's domain and brand names on Web, Social media and Online marketplaces.
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Never let a domain expire again!
We'll continuously oversee and handle both your and your client's domain portfolio for enhanced performance and security. Our committed account managers will keep you updated and promptly address your requests.
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Scaling your clients' businesses in the digital realm

Your clients rely on you for marketing solutions and your expertise to scale their businesses. But have you considered the safety of their digital assets? 

Our team of experts will support you in obtaining particular domains on your clients’ behalf, managing their domain portfolio to maximise its potential in the online marketplace and monitoring potential brand name and trademark infringements by competitors and cybercriminals. 

With expert knowledge in the marketing industry, our account managers are able to provide the best solutions for your clients’ specific business challenges.