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with our brand and domain services.

Why choose BrandShelter?

Find out who is using your names!
Reputation is everything - do not let anyone discredit your products, brands or company. We are consistently monitoring your client's domain, product and brand names to identify misuse and quickly remove fake products from circulation.
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Find the perfect home online!
Looking to register the ideal domain for your breakthrough product? Choose from over 1300 domain endings. If your desired domain is taken, our experts will retrieve it for you, maintaining privacy and minimizing the purchase cost.
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Never let a domain expire again!
We will consistently monitor and manage your and your domain portfolio for optimised performance and protection. Our dedicated account managers will keep you informed and quickly take care of your request.
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Keep your digital assets safe!
We provide a range of security products to safeguard your business. Our experts can guide you in selecting the most suitable SSL certificate based on factors like intended usage and data sensitivity, ensuring optimal protection for your needs.
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Your pharmaceutical business relies on your expertise to scale the company. But have you considered the safety of your digital assets? 

Our team of experts will support you in obtaining particular domains on your behalf, managing your domain portfolio to maximise its potential in the online marketplace and monitoring potential brand name and trademark infringements by competitors and cybercriminals. 

With expert knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry, our account managers are able to provide the best solutions for your specific business challenges.