DNS Services

Maximum security, availability and performance 

Premium DNS services from experts.

Benefits of DNS Services

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100% Network Uptime
Ensuring the perpetual accessibility of websites and various digital assets is a commitment.
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Maximum Security
Engineered on a proprietary platform less prone to malware, viruses and phishing.
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Optimized Performance
Fast query resolutions with over 55 billion global authoritative DNS queries per day.
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Global network for a faster service
30 non-virtualized nodes on 6 continents for sustained growth.
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Streamlined traffic control
Simple traffic routing services for monitored load balancing and failover.
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Expertise and Support
DNS management delivered by experts with over 20 years of experience.
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DDoS Protection
Incorporated DNS DDoS protection leveraging the local mitigation network.
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DNS Shield
DNS Shield mitigates security vulnerabilities posed by DDoS attacks and DNS Spoofing.

Protect Your Brand Against Cyberattacks

With many businesses accelerating their adoption of digital channels, demands for a highly-secure and always-on online connection are accelerating. Almost invisible, DNS servers are at the core of performance, availability and security of every website. If your DNS server does not work or is not protected properly, this could have severe implications for your business.

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