IT Industry Support

Streamline your domain management processes

Protect your company's digital assets with our brand and domain services.

Your business relies on your IT expertise for online security. Have you considered the safety of your company’s digital assets?

Our team of experts will support you in obtaining particular domains on your behalf, managing your domain portfolio to maximise its potential in the online marketplace and monitoring potential brand name and trademark infringements by competitors and cybercriminals. 

With expert knowledge in the IT industry, our account managers are able to provide the best solutions for your specific business challenges.

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Why choose BrandShelter?

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Intuitive Self-Service Portal
Take charge of your company's domains autonomously, eliminating dependence on customer support. While we remain available for assistance, we recognize the importance of control, autonomy and prompt adjustments.
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Personalised Platform Features
We provide cutting-edge platform features tailored to your business needs. Whether you require SSO or DNS history viewing, we're ready to implement and develop the features you need.
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Customized SSL Certificates
Selecting the most suitable SSL certificate hinges on factors like intended usage and the sensitivity of the data to be encrypted. We're here to assist you in making the right choice by considering the specific requirements.
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Comprehensive Domain Management
Avoid the risk of domain expiration with our continuous monitoring services for your domain portfolio. We'll consistently oversee and safeguard your domain portfolio for peak performance and protection.
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Dedicated Account Managers
Want to acquire a domain or explore opportunities to optimise your digital portfolio? Our dedicated account managers will quickly take care of your request.
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Anonymous Domain Registration
Keep your company's personal data hidden to keep the purchase price as low as possible - we'll save your business money and trouble with domain disputes.