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Benefits of Having Your Own Top-Level Domain 

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Improve user experience
Creating a better experience for your visitors goes hand-in-hand with short URL structures and also improves Search Engine Optimization and Marketing spend.
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Optimize security
Establish a strong, independent domain security policy to safeguard your infrastructure from cyber threats as a key element of your brand protection strategy.
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Build consumer trust
A domain name that ends in your brand name can only be issued by you. This increases consumer trust even before an internet user clicks to visit your website.
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Protect your IP
Create a secure, trusted and reliable digital name space that reduces online domain costs and increases consumer trust – if it isn’t your name to the right of the dot it isn’t yours.
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Reduce costs
Cut core infrastructure expenses by minimizing defensive domain registrations, reducing reliance on third-party DNS providers, and staying vigilant against cyber threats.
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Leverage brand marketing
Owning a dotBrand Top Level Domain means that marketing can instantly create short-lived domain names for campaigns, adverts and products and services.
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Own your own piece of Internet infrastructure
A dotBrand TLD gives you complete control over your domain name ecosystem and the assurance that only you can register names using it.
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