GlobalBlock: Your Ultimate Brand Protection Solution

Abhilash Apoorva
By Abhilash Apoorva
Published 29 May 2024

GlobalBlock: Your Ultimate Brand Protection Solution 

GlobalBlock signals a groundbreaking chapter in online brand defense as the world’s premier unified domain name blocking service. It marks the genesis of a transformative era where brand protection reaches unprecedented heights. 

With GlobalBlock, brand owners witness an instant fortification against potential threats as it swiftly bars all available names mirroring their customer’s brand across numerous domain extensions. This instant defense offers a level of protection previously unattainable, empowering brand owners with unparalleled security. 

Notably, GlobalBlock adopts a precision-driven approach, focusing solely on “exact matches” of the brand name. This meticulous targeting ensures that potential future registrants are not inadvertently blocked, safeguarding accessibility for genuine users while effectively thwarting potential misuse. 

Discover the world’s most unified blocking service 

What is GlobalBlock?

GlobalBlock revolutionizes brand protection in the digital sphere by offering a comprehensive solution to thwart cybercrime. In an era where managing domain names is intricate and laden with risks, this service proves indispensable for safeguarding brand identities across the expansive online landscape. With coverage extending to approximately 600 popular web extensions, including legacy, new top-level domains, and country codes, GlobalBlock offers a shield against unauthorized brand usage. 

A standout feature of GlobalBlock is its ability to streamline the defensive registration process, sparing brands the expense and effort of managing numerous domain names annually. By securing their digital footprint through a single transaction, brands effectively preempt potentially fraudulent activities across all supported extensions. 

For enhanced security, GlobalBlock+ goes a step further by automatically including hundreds or thousands of look-alike variations, augmenting protection against phishing attacks and other malicious activities online. This advanced service reinforces brand security measures, mitigating the impact of scammers and malicious actors in the digital realm. 

Who is Globalblock interesting for? 

GlobalBlock is a valuable asset for existing BrandShelter users, including those leveraging AdultBlock or DPML services. With its expanded coverage and automated domain recovery capabilities, GlobalBlock seamlessly enhances their existing protection. 

However, its benefits extend beyond this coverage. General users of BrandShelter services can also leverage GlobalBlock’s extensive domain blocking and automated protection features to bolster their overall security measures. 

Moreover, GlobalBlock is beneficial for individuals responsible for integrating tech solutions, managing brand image and digital presence, and seeking proactive solutions for legal challenges related to domain squatting. 

Additionally, it provides crucial support for those overseeing IT infrastructure and cybersecurity, developing online presence strategies, and managing digital assets. 

What services were available before? 

In February 2024, GlobalBlock emerged as a game-changer in the realm of brand protection, marking a significant departure from traditional strategies. Although the product’s core features have remained consistent since its launch, recent updates have expanded the range of supported Top-Level Domains (TLDs), as highlighted in our recent announcement. 

Prior to the introduction of GlobalBlock, brand owners relied on conventional methods to safeguard their digital presence: 

Defensive Domain Name Registration: Brands often resorted to defensively registering numerous domain names, including various iterations of their brand and product names. However, this approach proved to be both expensive and labor-intensive, offering only limited protection against cyber threats. 

Digital Protected Marks List (DPML): Identity Digital’s DPML service allowed trademark holders to block domain name registrations that matched their trademarks across the company’s top-level domains. While effective within its domain, DPML had its constraints compared to the comprehensive coverage provided by GlobalBlock. 

GlobalBlock has revolutionized brand protection, offering an unprecedented solution that surpasses the limitations of previous services. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into how GlobalBlock is reshaping the landscape of online brand protection. 

Exploring GlobalBlock’s Features: A Comprehensive Overview  
  • Global Coverage: GlobalBlock boasts an extensive global coverage, with plans to launch over 600 domain extensions from diverse corners of the world. These encompass a wide array of categories, including Legacy gTLDs, New gTLDs, ccTLDs, and Various Other Extensions. As part of its commitment to ongoing enhancement, GlobalBlock will periodically introduce new TLDs in batches, with corresponding adjustments to the wholesale fee expected approximately every six months.  
  • Direct Protection: The Brand Safety Alliance operates seamlessly through a private API connection with participating backend registries, ensuring near real-time registration of blocks. GlobalBlock operates with precision, directly obstructing any available domain names that correspond to your customer’s brand across specific registries. These blocked domains are promptly secured within the customer’s ‘blocking’ account, rendering them inaccessible to others. This streamlined process eliminates the need for individual domain registrations and the subsequent yearly renewal hassles.  
  • Automatic Blocking: GlobalBlock effortlessly blocks all available domains across every GlobalBlock extension, bolstering brand protection comprehensively.  
  • Direct Registration: Unlike traditional methods, GlobalBlock doesn’t merely ‘register’ domains or place them on ‘reserved lists.’ Instead, it directly inserts blocks into participating registries through our dedicated private BSA API connection.  
  • Proprietary Technology: Our blocking mechanisms are powered by proprietary technology, ensuring that these blocks remain discreet and do not appear in relevant zone files.  
  • Verification: GlobalBlock orders are easily verifiable via a standard Whois lookup, clearly indicating that the domain is under the protection of GlobalBlock. 
  • Domain Unblock: GlobalBlock owners have the option to request the unblocking of a specific domain name that has been previously blocked by their GlobalBlock service, making it available for registration once again. To initiate this process, Agents can easily access the BSA Gateway and submit a ‘Domain Unblock’ request for the desired domain. Upon receiving the request, the BSA will promptly notify the relevant Registrar Service Provider (RSP) and/or Registry Operator, who will then facilitate the unblocking process through a token or other specified mechanism. The ‘Domain Unblock’ service is provided by the BSA free of charge. However, standard registration fees for the domain names will still apply.  While the BSA facilitates the unblocking process, it is important to clarify that any registration fees associated with the domain will be handled directly between the registry, Agent, and end customer. It’s essential to adhere to TLD (Top-Level Domain) policies throughout this process. The registrant must demonstrate compliance with the policies set forth by the respective TLD registry. 
  • Priority AutoCatch: GlobalBlock ensures continuous brand protection through its Priority AutoCatch feature, which diligently monitors domains containing your customer’s brand name, even those held by squatters. If these domains are not renewed, Priority AutoCatch seizes them at the registry level and seamlessly adds them to the customer’s account before they become available to the public, all without any additional charges. This service comes at no cost, and domains are automatically added to the customer’s account.  BSA agents are promptly notified each time a domain is added. 
Cost Savings  

In today’s digital age, safeguarding online brands is paramount for companies worldwide. Millions are spent annually on protection measures, highlighting the critical importance of robust brand defense strategies.  

Enter GlobalBlock, a game-changer offering tangible cost savings for organizations grappling with the challenges of brand protection. By leveraging GlobalBlock, companies can circumvent the hefty expenses associated with litigation, costly domain aftermarket acquisitions, and continuous monitoring services. It’s a proactive approach that not only saves money but also mitigates potential risks and liabilities down the line. 

Key Takeaways

GlobalBlock is a strategic investment in brand resilience and optimization. Acting as the ultimate domain portfolio optimization tool, GlobalBlock empowers brands to block domains that were previously deemed impractical or unattainable. Whether it’s domains that were too expensive to register, too difficult to secure, or sidelined due to internal budget constraints, GlobalBlock provides a solution that transcends traditional limitations. 

It offers brands significant cost savings by circumventing expenses related to litigation, domain acquisitions, and monitoring services.  

By reallocating resources saved through GlobalBlock, brands can reinvest in other digital activities, fostering growth and innovation in their online ventures.  

Discover the Range of Options with GlobalBlock 

GlobalBlock presents a range of tailored variants designed to meet diverse levels of brand protection needs. With two distinct product types, brand owners have the flexibility to select the solution that best suits their unique requirements and security preferences. 

GlobalBlock: Instantly benefit from comprehensive coverage across hundreds of domain name extensions, ensuring robust protection for your brand identity. Safeguard your brand with domains like mybrand.<All GlobalBlock TLDs>. 

GlobalBlock+: Enhance your security measures with GlobalBlock+, which goes beyond by blocking a curated selection of look-alike variations commonly exploited in online scams. Strengthen your brand protection with domains such as my-brand.<All GlobalBlock TLDs> and mybr⍺nd.<All GlobalBlock TLDs>. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how GlobalBlock can help protect your brand, please contact your account manager or send us a message here.  



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