DNS: Why a good DNS Solution is so important

Anni Sailer
By Anni Sailer
Published 28 March 2024
What is a DNS Solution and why does it need to be robust? 

One of the internet’s most important underlying technologies is the domain name system (DNS). Essentially functioning as the web’s phone book, DNS translates URLs into IP addresses to bring users to their intended destination. DNS is also responsible for a whole host of other web-critical functions, such as cloud services and content delivery. 

For brands like yours, the speed, performance, and reliability of DNS functions are crucial to maintaining a high-quality web presence. Downtime caused by DNS failures can prevent employees and users from being able to access your organization’s services, jeopardizing productivity and business alike. And as a popular target for hackers and other bad actors, DNS attacks can significantly weaken the integrity and security of your network operations. 

Because DNS is such a crucial web technology, it has never been more important for brands to implement high-quality DNS solutions. Without a reliable solution to maximize website performance, avoid internet downtime, and ward off potential attacks, brands lacking strategic DNS solutions leave internet operations vulnerable to major disruptions that can seriously impact business. 

Why is having a high-quality DNS solution so essential? 

Comprehensive DNS solutions are crucial for any brand seeking to deliver stable and secure online services. Without a reliable DNS solution, brands place their online presence at risk to a wide variety of potential issues, including: 

Availability: DNS outages can take down entire portions of the internet, preventing users from being able to use your products and services. For example, in July 2021, a major error with Akamai’s DNS disrupted access to a wide range of websites and services including UPS, Airbnb, and the PlayStation Network. 

Performance: Considering that DNS is one of the most important underlying technologies of the internet, it’s essential for DNS solutions to operate with speed and efficiency. DNS latency, in particular, can often determine the responsiveness of a website or service — and without DNS solutions that reduce latency to the shortest possible speed, web-based activities that should seemingly operate in real time can lose their instantaneous feel. 

Security: Poorly implemented DNS security leaves domains vulnerable to a wide range of attacks. Left unguarded, attackers targeting DNS systems can redirect visitors to inappropriate websites, initiate domain transfers and ownership, or capture login credentials through a man-in-the-middle-attack. Combined with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that can take down websites altogether, DNS security can play a significant role in the stability of your company’s online presence. 

Taken together, the impact DNS can have on your brand’s online availability, web performance, and security can lead to major disruptions that cost serious money and impact your brand’s overall reputation. 


What are some key attributes of a comprehensive DNS solution? 

Any comprehensive DNS solution should be able to guarantee high performance, around-the-clock availability, and state-of-the-art security: 

High performance. Using advanced traffic management techniques, enterprise-class DNS solutions should be able to handle billions of daily DNS queries with low latency. 

Around-the-clock availability. A global, redundant distributed DNS solution should be able to provide brands with the maximum amount of possible uptime, striving for 100% availability at all times. 

State-of-the-art security. Comprehensive DNS solutions should be accessible through secure user portals that employ multifactor user authentication, deliver comprehensive reporting, and provide built-in DDoS protection. Without these attributes, brands leave their web presence vulnerable to attacks, sluggish performance, and instability. 

BrandShelter’s Enterprise Grade Premium DNS Solution 

For many organizations, meeting the necessary demands for a comprehensive DNS solution can be incredibly challenging. The proliferation of IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices has added to the complexity of online threats, so even the largest companies can lack the necessary in-house DNS knowledge to deliver and craft the right solution. 

BrandShelter’s Premium Cloud-Based DNS solution was created with these brand imperatives for large corporations and enterprises in mind. In partnership with the Vercara UltraDNS, BrandShelter Premium DNS offers companies and brands a comprehensive, cloud-based DNS solution that keeps crucial Internet services online and secure. 

A flexible, secure, and highly optimized solution, BrandShelter Premium DNS is engineered to handle 37 billion daily requests, guaranteeing 100% of uptime and maximum online availability. Through a fast and efficient web-based portal that’s backed by role-based security and multi-factor authentication, brands can oversee their entire DNS solution through an easy-to-access cloud-based solution.  

And by using outsourced DNS management, your brand will also be in the hands of experts with more than 20 years of hands-on DNS experience. 

Trusted to protect some of the world’s largest and most recognizable organizations, BrandShelter’s Premium DNS is just one of many solutions available for companies seeking to manage and maintain their digital brand presence.

For more information about the BrandShelter Premium DNS solution, contact us today or explore more here 

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