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Harry Weber
By Harry Weber
Published 04 July 2024
Our Meet the Team Series

Behind every successful project lies a team of dedicated individuals whose passion, expertise, and commitment drive innovation and excellence. Here at BrandShelter, we believe in the power of collaboration and the unique stories that shape our team members’ journeys.

This is why we want to introduce the amazing people behind everything that happens at BrandShelter: our Meet the Team series aims to shine a spotlight on the diverse talents, experiences, and personalities that make our team truly exceptional. Through this series, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the faces behind the work, learn about their roles, passions, and aspirations, and discover what makes them tick.

Today, we are pleased to introduce one of our valued Sales & Key Account Managers, Harry Weber!

Hi, Harry! Thank you so much for taking the time to introduce yourself to our lovely readers and customers. First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself?    

My name is Harry Weber. I am a devoted father of a girl aged 13 and a boy aged 11. I love walking in nature, travelling, socialising, and spending time with family and friends, and I am also a lifelong (suffering) supporter of German football team VfB Stuttgart. My favourite quote is “Life is a marathon, not a sprint”, which, I believe, is very applicable to the world of domain names and brand protection as well, as you need to be determined, patient and resilient to achieve your goals. Living by this mantra also helps me in my current role where I build and nurture strong relationships with existing and prospective customers, serving as their primary point of contact and trusted adviser throughout the whole sales process.

How long have you been with BrandShelter and what do you enjoy most about it? 

I have been with BrandShelter and the Team Internet Group (formerly CentralNic Group) for more than four and a half years now. Being a UK based native speaker of German, I fully appreciate the importance of cross-cultural communication, and I most enjoy working with colleagues and clients from boundless industries and diverse backgrounds across Europe and on a global level. BrandShelter and Team Internet are made from different but connected brands and services, we work collaboratively with passion and open minds to harness our collective strength and diversity.

How did you get into the domain industry and what is your area of expertise? 

I started in the domain industry 16 years ago as a junior account manager in Munich and as the domain industry flourished, I rapidly became a pillar of the business, successfully managing and growing some of the largest clients in the industry. 

I believe the key to my success is the ability to listen attentively to and understand clients’ pain points and requirements. With experience and professional empathy, I have been successfully implementing and developing bespoke cyber security and online brand protection strategies for leading global corporations and organisations over the past 16 years.  

What is one trend or development in the domain industry that excites you the most right now and why? 

Domain names are the backbone of the internet, and at the intersection of information security and intellectual property. The domain industry is still growing and ever evolving, but what I am really excited about now and looking forward to most, is the next application round of TLDS, i.e. the “new” new gTLDs, which is expected to be rolled out in Q2 2026. I am looking forward to discussing and helping loads of existing and new clients from all over the world with their ideas and the realisation of their online ambitions.  

What’s something that, in our opinion, sets BrandShelter apart from other industry players? 

BrandShelter is the Corporate Domain Name management brand for Team Internet, one of the world’s largest domain name services companies. Situated within Team Internet’s Online Presence Division, it is uniquely placed to take advantage of the diverse businesses of the wider group, which includes relationships at the highest levels in the Internet Ecosystem: Registries, registrars, large corporations, and organisations etc.  

BrandShelter is known by its customers and partners as their trusted adviser that helps them obtain, protect, and grow their brand identity online. 

What do you think is the biggest challenge for businesses with an online appearance today and how does BrandShelter help overcome this? 

As previously alluded to, domain names are at the intersection of information security and intellectual property. One of the biggest challenges today is for businesses to identify which team has responsibility for what, where are my domain names registered, how are they being used, what is the risk online for the business and its customers.  

BrandShelter helps overcome these challenges by simplifying their Global Domain Management. A comprehensive domain management strategy is essential for successful companies. At BrandShelter, we streamline global domain registration, safeguard digital assets, and facilitate market expansion. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their journey with an online brand protection service? 

My advice would be to identify and assess current threats first. Establishing a clear and relevant strategy is mandatory to securing a business’ online presence, optimising its visibility, and controlling costs.  

I can only second what my dear colleague from our brand protection team has stated before, that to obtain an efficient approach, the strategy must be dynamic and adapted on the way. A monitoring search scope for instance will have to be adapted to exclude or on the contrary include some terms that could become relevant in a different context. That is why the most fundamental part of what we do is providing the best combination of technology and human expertise. 

What is currently your favourite TLD and why? 

.COM is still king and, as part of a British-German family, I also highly regard country specific TLDs such as .DE and .UK. Having said that, I also really appreciate geographic TLDs like .BERLIN and .LONDON, as they not only highlight being part of a local community but give businesses, organisations, and individuals a chance to have their own unique online presence too. 

What are one to two key traits or skills that you believe are essential to succeed as a business online? 

Progression and relevance are two of the key traits that are essential to a business’ online success. The ever and fast evolving nature of the internet, and the introduction of innovative technologies together with rapidly growing generative Artificial Intelligence services and solutions, do not only bring huge opportunities but might also pose risks for all of us. This is why embracing change while simultaneously staying relevant are key to helping businesses succeed and keeping online consumers safe. 

Can you share one interesting fact about yourself that people may not know? 

I was originally training to be a special educational needs teacher and went to university in the Stuttgart region where I grew up. But, meeting my Mancunian wife at university and then completing an Erasmus semester in Liverpool, I changed my degree and finished university in the UK where I also enjoyed working in higher education teaching German to university students from all over the world. Communication is key, irrespective of the career path one takes.  

Where can people find you?

The BrandShelter team will be attending all important and relevant domain and brand protection industry events throughout the year, where we are always happy to connect and exchange ideas with existing and new clients and partners. People can also find me here Harry Weber | LinkedIn, on beautiful country walks or in true British fashion, in a pub in Greater Manchester. 

Thank you!

If you want to get in touch with Harry, reach out directly on LinkedIn or contact us.

Thank you for reading and meeting our team!


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