DNS Services

BrandShelter provides full Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) support on name servers with standardized whois and DNS management including URL forwarding.

  • Use our AnyCast and DNSSEC support.
  • Get detailed statistics on domain usage and performance.
  • Benefit from different name server TLDs to decrease dependence on one registry operator.

DNS Services from experts

Use the BrandShelter infrastructure for your domain names featuring high-quality, high-volume DNS services. Our global network of name servers, including the AnyCast versions, provides reliable name lookups for your domains from anywhere in the world.

Do you already know the UltraDNS solution from Neustar?

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Benefit from our wide range of services

  • Full DNSSEC support on name servers
  • DNS management including URL and E-Mail forwarding
  • Analysis and troubleshooting in DNS zones
  • AnyCast and Unicast DNS systems
  • Redundant DNS systems in geographically different locations
  • Detailed statistics on domain usage and performance
  • Real time updates on DNS
  • Different name server TLDs to decrease dependence on one registry operator

Customized solutions for your domains

BrandShelter is able to offer the perfect solution for your needs.


Free Basic DNSPremium DNS
Recommended Business TypeSmallLarge / Global Brand
Global AnycastNoYes
TrafficIncludedQuery volume based
Apex AliasNoYes
Web forwarding serviceYesUnlimited
Mail forwarding serviceYesUnlimited
Costs Included with domain Packages starting with 1m queries