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With BrandShelter's domain consulting, your domain portfolio will be protected against common registration mistakes and oversights and best positioned to benefit from the changes in the market.

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Transform challenges into opportunities!

Due to the introduction of many new strings top level domains (TLDs), brand owners have to deal with a new situation. The popular strategy of registering potential typo domains related to trademarks becomes more complicated considering the number of potential new extensions.

Through a market and portfolio analyses, we will provide you a current tailor-made strategy that shows you which of the new top-level domains (TLDs) should be preferentially registered, which new generic combinations TLDs are emerging for your market, and which TLDs you should simply monitor. You can therefore safely identify market changes as a threat or an opportunity and react appropriately.

Our experienced team of domain experts will be happy to advise you.

Benefit from our domain portfolio review:

Analysis of your domain portfolio

Our team of experts analyzes all of your company's domains, identifies unauthorized registrations, and shows missing domain registrations in your domain portfolio. Identify resolving names, names that can be better utilized and registration practices which can be improved.

Tailored strategy for your domain portfolio

We develop a domain strategy tailored to your business or optimize your existing processes and procedures. We can even assist with documenting your domain registration policies for distribution within your organization.Our special offer includes the analysis of your budget.

Optimization of your domain portfolio

To optimize your domain portfolio, we analyze the size of your portfolio, identify missing registrations, and make recommendations for adding or deleting domain names. Implementing all of the items found during analysis and strategy development will move you well along your way to getting the most from your domain portfolio.

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