Domain monitoring: Keeping an eye open for infringement!

BrandShelter monitors existing and newly registered domain names that contain exact or close spellings of your brand names.

  • Monitor domain registrations relating to your brand name.
  • Keep track of registrations in more than 1,000 top level domains.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to register desirable domains.

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Protect your brand from Cybersquatting

Domain name registrations have increased significantly over the last years. Today, multiple domain names are usually an integral part of a company’s visibility and profile on the internet. Nowadays, it is of supreme importance for companies to protect their brands, product names and trademarks as domain names or risk losing them to competitors, cybersquatters and online criminals.

Cybersquatting is the registration of a domain name misusing a third-party’s brand or trademark with the express intention extorting payment from the legitimate brand owner in order to acquire the name.

Unless you control these domain names, your customers may be redirected to other e-commerce sites, where competing or counterfeit products are sold – diverting revenue away from the legitimate brand owner.

Without access to the right advice and experience, the time and expense required to recover an infringing domain name is prohibitive.

BrandShelter can help protect your brand names from unauthorized use online!

Benefit from BrandShelter’s Domain Monitoring

BrandShelter offers a convenient monitoring service that provides you with a simple and rapid overview of registered and available domain names related to your brand and trademark names. This enables you to establish a robust strategy for the protection of your domains.

BrandShelter’s automated brand monitoring system identifies domain names that are candidates for registration and new entries in the zone files of the most popular domains related to your brands and trademarks. It also reports information on domains that are available to acquire on the secondary market. BrandShelter’s brand monitoring provides you with several useful tools to protect your company's business on the internet.

Should you decide to pursue a domain name through legal recourse, BrandShelter will be at your side offering expert on-the-spot support through matters such as URS or UDRP proceedings.

Take advantage of our comprehensive Domain Monitoring service!

Our domain monitoring service include a review of

  • Available domain names with exact brand names and/or trademark matches
  • Available domain names, which contain elements of your brand names and/or trademarks
  • Registered domain names with exact brand names and/or trademark matches
  • Registered domain names, which contain elements of your brand names and/or trademarks
  • Available and registered domains made up of typos or phonetic misspellings of your brand names

Other available services are

  • Monitoring and reporting on root zone files of the most commonly used TLDs to discover names that contain or are derived from your brand or mark and which might be misleading
  • Preventing phishing attacks by identifying similar domain names
  • Monitoring the secondary domain market for domains that meet your naming requirements
  • A weekly report showing the latest domain names that are derived from a protected word mark or brand name
  • Automatic and comprehensive support to secure trademarks as domain names during Sunrise and Early Access Process phases of new Top Level domains.

On the lookout for aftermarket opportunities

BrandShelter offers registrations in more than 1,000 top level domain extensions and identifies domains (including typos, phonetic spelling mistakes and transposed characters) might be of relevance).

If a desired domain is already registered, BrandShelter offer monitoring of Aftermarket domain sales platforms and inform you as soon as your desired domain is available for sale or registration.

Monitoring Whois data

The Whois change monitoring service keeps a vigilant eye on the owner of any domain you choose. BrandShelter keeps you informed of all changes to the whois data of a domain.

Changes to the following Whois elements can be monitored:

  • Owner contacts
  • Administrative contacts
  • Technical contacts
  • Name servers
  • Expiration dates

Customize this service to track other information from the Whois record that is considered important.

Domain Monitoring – BrandShelter's Services

Identifying all matching new TLDs, gTLDs and 200+ ccTLDs.

  • Report generation with screenshot and Whois data (if disclosed);
  • Sending the report via email and/or mail;
  • Access to the monitoring system to view the reports online;
  • Online access to the reports in the formats CSV, PDF, TXT;
  • Sending individual results via email to third parties

Results can be rated online according to their risk potential. Irrelevant results may be deleted and excluded from further monitoring.

BrandShelter will analyse the report and will execute a risk classification of the results according to your requirements.

Further monitoring for the same string will be executed in the same way as the initial monitoring. New results will be added to the existing report. The creation of a report which includes only the new results is also possible.

BrandShelter’s all-inclusive package

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