Internet monitoring: Where is your brand on the Internet?

With BrandShelter, know what's happening with your pages and when your brand names or other content are mentioned on the internet - on a website or in metadata.

  • Know what is said about your company, your products, and your brand.
  • Receive notifications when the content of a website changes.
  • Be informed about downtimes!

Secure extensive monitoring on the internet

BrandShelter's Internet Monitoring provides comprehensive information about the content and downtime of your internet services.

This service also captures uses of your brand and logo on the Internet and in search engine results, including Baidu.

With our expertise, we can help identify possible problems to avoid future failures.

Be informed - Our services:

We have your web services in view

BrandShelter's Web Monitoring service monitors the availability of your Internet services around-the-clock and notifies you immediately in the event of downtime and, wherever possible, lets you know the underlying cause. This service is available for web (http), e-mail services, and other Internet services such as FTP.

We search websites for your brand

BrandShelter informs you as soon as your brand name appears in the text of a website or in metatags. We identify, categorize and prioritize websites according to the risk to your brand, so you can take effective countermeasures as soon as possible.

We know when content changes

BrandShelter notifies you when the content of your web page changes. Each page is archived at the beginning of the service and checked for changes every week.

Your logo belongs to you

Our logo service searches online images that violate your trademark. We scan the Internet, compare form, color and context, and inform you about infringements.

We have the Chinese market in view

The Baidu option monitors the search engine with the world's largest user base. We will notify you of any mention of your brand on the Chinese internet market.

Use the possibilities of our internet monitoring to protect your trademark rights!