Brands: Advantages of Having Your Own TLD


    Owning a branded .com may have once been the rage in the early days of the internet. Because only a few top-level domain (TLD) options existed at the time, any brand seeking to develop an online presence was forced to adhere to the same domain naming conventions. As the internet exploded in use, however, traditional .com domains have been snapped up by individuals and organizations around the globe.

    A new world needs new solutions

    For fast movers, this may have been a great way to secure a long-term digital brand identity, but for upstarts or established organizations seeking to expand or clarify their online presence, limited TLD options have forced many to settle for less-than-ideal domain options.

    ICANN’s New gTLD Program was established to address the shortage of available, quality TLDs. Rather than choosing a cumbersome domain that doesn’t accurately reflect brand identity, organizations now have the opportunity to create their own unique DotBrand. A new round of TLD applications is planned for 2022, and brands shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to potentially secure a powerful online identity.

    New chance to have your own brand TLD

    Multinational accounting giant KPMG, for instance, recently carried out a successful migration from generic TLDs, like, and country-coded TLDs, like, to its own DotBrand, Recognizing the benefits of owning a DotBrand that allows an organization to better control its digital brand identity, KPMG has since used its .kpmg TLD to introduce unique domains for social media URL shortening and country-specific microsites.
    Migrations to DotBrand TLDs, like that carried out by KPMG, highlights the many advantages that organizations find in owning their branded TLD, such as:

    • Brand protection. Unlike a generic TLD, which makes it possible for anyone to register a domain that resembles that of an established organization, owning a DotBrand allows a company to take full control of its brand representation.
    • Highly customizable domains. By securing a DotBrand TLD, organizations can create any number of unique URLs under the DotBrand identity. Whether it’s through a network of microsites or a custom domain for URL shortening, DotBrand TLDs provide them with more online brand flexibility.
    • Trusted and secure user experiences. Owning a DotBrand TLD makes it easy for users to know that information is coming directly from a trusted brand, not a generic TLD. By controlling each and every DotBrand domains, brands can deliver a user experience that’s safe and secure throughout their entire network of sites.

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