David Goldstein - Demand For Second Level .KE Domains "Overwhelming"


    A 90-day Sunrise period for domain names in Kenya’s ccTLD began in late July, and according to the registry KENIC demand has been “overwhelming”, according to a number of their posts on Twitter and Facebook.

    The Sunrise phase currently underway commenced on 23 July and will end on 22 October. Following will be a 30-day Landrush phase from 23 October to 22 November and then 150 days after launch on about 23 December General Availability is scheduled to commence. The Sunrise period is for Kenyan trademark holders and allows the registration of domain names similar to their trademarks.

    There are currently 58,270 .ke domain names registered, with around 2,500 being added each month. The vast majority of the .ke domain names are registered under, which has 55,150 registrations.