David Goldstein - DK Hostmaster Updates Terms and Conditions and Identification Processes


    DK Hostmaster announced some changes to both its terms and conditions as well as the identification processes for registrants based abroad in December.

    The changes to the terms and conditions came into effect on 19 December with improvements to transparency being the main aim and a clarification of the rights and obligations to registrants.

    The first change is to be more transparent to be the customers of DK Hostmaster. Terms were rewritten. They were streamlined and reorganised and written in a more understandable language. Some areas were clarified.

    Secondly the terms and conditions were greatly reduced in length, going to 10 pages from the previous 35! A lot of what was taken out can now be found on the DK Hostmaster’s website instead. The terms and conditions are therefore more about the rights and obligations of the registrant.

    And the third change to the terms and conditions reflects the substantive changes made on DK Hostmaster’s products. These are:

    • With the new terms, the proxy will be able to perform more actions on behalf of the registrant without the registrant having to approve the actions each time. Only in case of transfer and deletion, the registrant must accept the actions.
    • DK Hostmaster will be able to suspend a domain name on the basis of risk of confusion in connection with obvious risk of financial crime.
    • The importance of the registrant keeping contact information updated is emphasised.
    • A new identification process is implemented.

    The new identification process, which also came into effect on 19 December, is for .dk registrants based abroad and follows the November implementation of mandatory identification with NemID for Danish registrants.

    In 2017 to mid-December, the police had seized 992 .dk domains with the majority being registered to registrants outside Denmark and being connected to online shops selling counterfeit goods. With this new initiative, DK Hostmaster expects the number of seized .dk domains to decrease.

    DK Hostmaster believes the changes should support transparency on the Danish internet and help prevent cybercrime and have come about following a consultation during the last Danish summer.