David Goldstein - EURid and EUIPO Working Together To Protect Trademark Holders


    The collaboration was formalised in 2016 between EURid and EUIPO, and now they have expanded their services to holders of European Union trademarks (EUTM). So now holders and applicants of a EUTM can opt-in to receive alerts as soon as a .eu domain name is registered that is identical to their EUTM (application). By receiving such alerts, EUTM holders find out much sooner who may be abusing their trademarks and take appropriate action much sooner.

    In addition, a second consecutive letter of collaboration has been signed between EURid and EUIPO at the International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual meeting in Boston, strengthening cooperation between the two organisations.

    Since the collaboration commenced, EUTM applicants have been easily able to check if an equivalent .eu domain name is available and eventually register it with the accredited registrars. But some registrants have taken advantage of early publication of EUTM applications and registered the EUTM as a .eu domain name in bad faith.

    With their collaboration, EURid and EUIPO are taking a stand against potential .eu domain abuse. To EURid, this is another important step forward to a more transparent and trustworthy online .eu space ensuring protection against potential fraudulent domain name usage.