David Goldstein - EURid Works Hard To Make Their Domains Safer


    EURid have recently made some enhancements to improve the security and safety of the .eu and .ею domain name space. In one announcement, they announced a collaboration with the US-based International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) to fight cybercrime while they suspended almost 12,000 domain names with incorrect registration data, some of which were reported for abuse, in one day.

    The suspension of the 11,760 domain names that were registered with non-eligible registration data, of which some have been reported for abuse, on 21 June was part of EURid’s focus on the safety of online consumers.

    “With our thorough internal verification procedure, we continuously monitor our domain names for potential abuse, leading to thousands of suspensions on an annual basis. Compared to 2017, where we suspended 20,126 abusive domain names, we’re up to 36,336 abusive domain name suspensions thus far in 2018.” said Geo Van Langenhove, EURid Legal Manager.

    The collaboration with the IACC has the aim of cleaning up EURid’s top level domains even more. It will help clear the registration database from fraudulent domain names and to establish a more secure domain space for internet users. The 2 organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the Europol IP Crime Conference in Hungary earlier this year.

    The MoU will see an exchange of knowledge and support pertaining to cybercrime, specifically counterfeiting and piracy. The joint efforts involve exchanging statistical data and trends pertaining to cybercrime, and a commitment to cooperate on projects designed to address the issue.

    “Overall, cybercrime rates worldwide have been climbing over the past few years. It’s imperative that we continue to monitor and identify abusive registrations and alleged illegal activity happening within the .eu and .ею space and take action in a timely manner. We increase our efforts in combatting illegal activity online and hopefully influence others to do the same,” said Geo Van Langenhove, EURid’s Legal Manager.

    In its efforts to combat cybercrime, EURid also works with various law enforcement agencies such as the Belgian Federal Ministry of Economy, EURid’s headquarters are in Belgium, and the Cybersquad team. Their partners, the IACC has leading online anti-counterfeiting programs, which were created in partnership with credit card companies and other major payment providers, as well as online marketplaces as well as works closely with law enforcement agencies and organizations, including EUROPOL, by sharing resources and expertise.