David Goldstein - ICANN Warns Registrants To Be Wary Of Scam Emails


    ICANN is warning domain name registrants to be aware of fraudulent and suspicious emails that may appear to come from ICANN, a registry or registrar.

    Fraudulent phishing emails come from criminals impersonating trusted senders seeking to gain trust and access sensitive data.

    Suspicious phishing and scam emails are similar, typically using deception such as forging a trusted sender’s address or domain or using a similar or lookalike domain. Scam messages typically ask for the reader to reply, call a phone number, click a link or open an attached file to steal personal information.

    ICANN asks that if a suspicious email is received to forward it to with "suspected phishing" in the subject line. ICANN staff will examine the email and if it's a fake, work to get the source of the email shut down if possible. Reporting these emails helps protect the entire ICANN community. ICANN asks for the entire email to be forwarded –– don’t cut and paste the contents, because valuable tracking information about the source will be lost.

    If a suspected scam email is received, ICANN also advise don’t click on any links. Further, legitimate email messages sent from ICANN will not come from another domain, such as "" or "".