David Goldstein - Thailand’s ccTLD Opens Second Level Domains


    Thailand’s ccTLD registry has opened up registrations for second level .th domain names – again – for a limited time and at premium registration fees.

    Registrations for second level .th domain names have been available a number of times for short periods since 2014. The current registration period runs from 25 April to 5 June. Normally .th domain names are only available at the third level, such as

    Second level registrations are open to commercial and state enterprises, trademarks, names of major projects or events organised by private or governmental organisations. Some of those to have taken advantage of the second level registrations include Apple, Agoda, eBay, Europacar and Red Bull. But the registrations don’t come cheap.

    For those interested, applications can be submitted with fees of 10,000 baht (€260) per domain name to THNIC. Successful applicants are required to donate funds for registrations of 1,000,000 Baht (€26,100) per domain name for a lifetime registration or 100,000 Baht per domain, per year, directly to THNIC Foundation.