David Goldstein - With The Launch of .DEV in January, Number of Google's Public New gTLDs Grows to 6


    Google released its .page new gTLD in late 2018 taking its total to 5 of their new gTLDs to hit General Availability. The others are .app, .how, .soy and .みんな (Japanese for “everyone”). And it has one more ready to go in January 2019 with the Sunrise launch of .dev, aimed at developers, on the 16th.

    There are also more than 40 others that have been delegated to Google including .google, .youtube and .goog that will only ever be used for Google’s own uses. Then there are others such as .boo, .zip, .dad and .rsvp where no launch dates have been set.

    Of those new generic top level domains from Google to be publicly available, the one with the most domain name registrations is .app, which Google paid ICANN $25,000,001 for the right to operate. .app currently has over 355,000 registrations according to nTLDstats, making it the 12th largest by registrations since its launch less than 12 months ago in May 2018. .app has more registrations than all the others combined that have entered General Availability with .page having 7,900 registrations, .how (2,300), .soy (1,430) and .みんな (1,170). The total number of domain names registered under the 1,212 new gTLDs to have been delegated by ICANN is around 26.4 million, the largest being .top with 3.9 million.

    The next Google new gTLD to launch is .dev with the Sunrise period running from 16 January to 19 February where trademark holders who have submitted their trademark to the Trademark Clearinghouse can register their domain names. From 19 to 28 February Google will run an Early Access period where anyone can register available .dev domains for an extra fee, which decreases leading up to General Availability. Google, among others, ran a similar EAP for .page. And then on 28 February General Availability will commence where anyone can register available .dev domains.

    Google is billing .dev as the ideal domain name that’s suitable for everything from tools to platforms and programming languages to blogs. .dev is included on the HSTS preload list, making HTTPS required on all connections to .dev websites and pages without needing individual HSTS registration or configuration. It means security is built in.

    Another of Google’s domains coming up for public registration in 2019 is .new which will support G Suite in an innovative use for new actions in Docs, Sheets, Slides and more. .new will be open, secure by default. No dates have currently been released.