.dealer: Launch postponed


    The Intercap Registry has postponed the launch plan for the new .dealer TLD due to the corona crisis. The registry has decided to push the Sunrise period to April 29, 2020 to give the community enough time to figure out the new reality. The EAP/General Availability is tentatively scheduled for June 1, 2020 onwards, with a high probability of extending the Sunrise/Trademark period.

    We are ready to accept your applications as of now!

    New launch time-table:

    • Sunrise: April 29 (16:00 UTC) until June 1, 2020 (15:59 UTC). For trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file. First-come, first-served.
    • Early Access Program (EAP): June 1 (16:00 UTC) until June 8, 2020 (15:59 UTC). First-come, first-served.
    • General Availability: As of June 8, 2020 (16:00 UTC). First-come, first-served.