Domain name management? Who within an organization is responsible for this today?


    Domains are no longer considered to be just Internet addresses, if they ever were. They represent more than company name or brand in the digital landscape, and today are key to impacting your reputation and the value of your brand. Ultimately, they are financial assets of a business, providing the ability to turn digital information into cash.

    But who is typically responsible for domain name administration? Often the ownership of the task in a company depends on how the company view domain name: are they considered to be an integral part of the intellectual property or married a trademark that needs to be protected; are they just a means of publicity/promotion or do they form an integral part of the technology stack and thus belong to the IT strategy? Depending on the case, the administration of the domain names can be with the legal, marketing or IT departments. In some companies with a smaller portfolio, the billing or procurement department may handle the domain names, viewing them simply as another supplier relationship.

    With increasing digitalization and the resulting fact that even small businesses need to be represented online to remain competitive, the importance of domain names and the strategy behind them is becoming an important driver for the overall business success. The rewards that the Internet provides organisations needs to be balanced with risks associated with domain name registrations by third parties such as cybersquatting, typosquatting and phishing.

    As the security of your domains is our business, BrandShelter's IP protection experts look at the health of your corporate domain name portfolio from different aspects and provide a series of measures which mitigates the risks whilst increasing the opportunities for success for brand holder.

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