How a dotBrand can build a safer user experience


    - Stuart Fuller, Head of Brand Services -

    In our previous article, we focused on the advantages that dotBrand holders have in the competitive digital environment they operate in. Whilst there are multiple opportunities for dotBrand holders today and in the future to be one step ahead of their competitors in terms of owning their own slice of the Internet, one specific area that many applicants will consider to be their priority in owning a dotBrand is in creating a secure, trustworthy online environment.

    Get your own slice of the Internet

    The dotBrand applicants, both today and in the future, can do this in a number of ways. By owning a dotBrand, organizations own their own slice of the Internet. They control who can and cannot register domain names, which regions can access web content and the levels of resilience and robustness of the DNS. In an age where cybercrime is probably the biggest threat to every business, being able to control the core internal infrastructure is a major security advantage. Being able to control who can access content, when and where puts them brand holder in complete control of the user experience they deliver.

    DotBrand applicants are able to create their own security policies and infrastructure, which reduces the reliance and high costs of using third party enterprise DNS solutions. In addition, organizations are able to create their own domain security ecosystem, including implementing DNSSEC on all domains. In a digital world where cyber risks are increasing, having control over security and trust is paramount for successful brands.

    Defensive domain registration costs are eliminated

    “If it doesn’t end with dotBrand then it isn’t us” should be the mantra for ambitious organizations going forward. The active use of a dotBrand, combined with proactive marketing messages will mean that the organizations can significantly reduce the number of domain names they hold today for defensive purposes, which in turn reduces the costs associated with their domain name portfolio. By consistently using the marketing messages around the authenticity and validity of the DotBrand, customers will start to become familiar with the digital branding and consequently, the importance of complex keyword registrations will be reduced.

    Whilst we are still waiting for the first DotBrand to actively use their digital asset as a unique customer identification token, it is only a matter of time before one (or more) implement solutions based around a domain name for each user or customer. As SLDs are unique, in the same way that email addresses are, the options for innovation for ambitious dotBrands are endless.

    Dotbrands are the ultimate in safety

    Security is a key consideration for dotBrand applicants and it is the ultimate brand protection asset an organization can own. Whilst many applications are driven from a marketing and branding perspective, infrastructure and security is without a doubt one of the most important advantages that dotBrand applicants can deliver to their customers. In a world where every organization is a potential target of the cyber criminals, owning and managing a dotBrand is a safe harbour in the stormy waters of the unregulated Internet.

    Next time – how owning a dotBrand can reduce their digital marketing costs.