Interesting facts on global registration trends in all TLDs


    CENTR's DomainWire Global TLD Stat Report (Q3/2017) has been published. The report covers the global status and registration trends in all TLDs, with additional focus on the European ccTLD market.

    Highlights from the report:

    Global market

    • Global domains under all TLDs have contracted slightly due to declines in several larger new gTLDs. Without these outliers, global growth was 2.5% YOY and combined domains globally are an estimated 311 million.
    • ccTLDs make up around 40.7% of the global TLD market, with the remaining split between legacy gTLDs (52.7%) and new gTLDs (6.6%)
    • Of the top 15 largest TLDs globally, the ccTLD .ca (Canada) had the largest YOY growth at 5.5%
    • Most categories of the new gTLDs have continued to grow, except for some of the more generic-termed TLDs such as .xyz and .top.
    • The 58 geographic TLDs around the world have an average of 11,000 domains under management. Combined growth of this category over the past 12 months was 8% with a median rate of 1.8%. The largest geo-TLDs are .london, .nyc and .tokyo.
    • High-growth new gTLDs over the past 12 months include .men, .loan, .stream, .kiwi and .рус.

    European market

    • Median growth trends amongst European ccTLDs continue to stabilize after a long period of slowdown. Several larger ccTLDs (+1M registrations) have also seen increasing growth trends over the past year. Some of the stabilization and turn-around in growth might be attributable to decreases in average deletion rates.
    • High-growth ccTLDs in the region over the past year include .se (Sweden), .pt (Portugal) and .al (Albania); of the larger ccTLDs, most have a growth rate of around 2%.
    • ccTLDs make up an estimated 58% of the European market (against locally-registered gTLDs). New gTLDs make only 2% of the European market (far lower than the global proportions).

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