Why domain renewals are important


    Today’s business owners work hard to build a trustful online presence — and a key component of that is your website domain name. It's one of the most important tools for bringing consumers back to your site, and it helps them find you. What happens if it were to suddenly disappear? Chances are good your customers won’t keep searching for your website but will turn to a competitor instead. That’s why domain management is so important.

    The Risks of Non-Renewal

    Domain security is critical to business owners, but it is not always simple. Knowing when your domain will expire is crucial. Did you know that if a quality domain name becomes available due to a nonpayment, someone else can buy it within minutes? If the domain enters the redemption period, you may find it is very expensive to repurpose it.

    Here’s what typically happens when a domain isn’t renewed on time:

    • Most often, there is a 30-day period during which you can purchase it. The registrar may park the domain name for this time. If you renew during that time, you'll experience a 48-hour delay (in most cases). That means your website is offline for several days.
    • The domain enters the redemption period. During this time, you can renew it, but it will cost significantly more than it would have if you'd kept it up to date. And, it will likely still be offline for several days after that.
    • In some cases, domains are still forgotten by their owners. If you fail to renew it, chances are good that someone else will purchase it within minutes.

    What Is Your Domain Worth to You?

    Consider what your domain name means to your business. It typically is one of the most valuable components of your brand. After all, your website is where your customers know to go when they need information or want to find your company’s phone number.

    For these reasons, it's valuable to renew your domain early. If you don't, chances are good you will struggle to remember to renew it. One key way to avoid this problem is to rely on an auto-renew feature. This is a fast and simple way to ensure that your domain is always renewed and never exposed to any of the problems covered here. Auto-renewal offers the domain security your brand needs. Setting it up is fast and simple, and the peace of mind it brings is well worth it.

    As we are aware of the dangers of a domain loss, it's given that all domains of our customers are automatically renewed.