Uni EPS: Extend your brand protection!

Uni EPS was developed to allow brand owners to block their Trademark Clearinghouse registered terms of the Uniregistry Top Level Domain portfolio.

  • Benefit from the most advanced rights protection mechanism available to date.
  • Save over $5000 in registry fees.
  • Use Uni EPS+ for additional services.

Get extended trademark protection now!

Uni Naming & Registry provides an Extended Protection Service (Uni EPS) for the protection of trademark rights. This is intended to close security gaps that are not covered by other services. Right holders should use the Uni EPS service to block terms registered in the TMCH across the Uniregistry Top Level Domain portfolio.

As a blocked domain is not functional, nobody can misuse for a fraudulent website URL, e-mail address or other type of domain related functionality. An already registered domain can't be blocked, but if such a domain becomes available again, it will be blocked as part of the service at the end of the redemption period. With the standard integrated blocking of premium domains, trademark owners can also benefit from savings on registration fees by subscribing to the Uni EPS and blocking a core label.

With Uni EPS and Uni EPS+, Uniregistry Extended Protection offers two unique products. Both services include the same powerful core features. Uni EPS+ also offers unlimited blocking of all additional labels generated by the TMCH and included in the Signed Mark Data (SMD). In addition, this service allows blocking of all internationalized domain name (IDN) variants generated by the core label and additional labels in the SMD file.

Uni EPS is offered for a registration period of one year.

Take advantage of Uni EPS features

  • Save over $5000 in registry fees.
  • No additional cost for the unblocking of domains.
  • Blocking in all internationalized domain name (IDN) variants possible.
  • Premium domain blocking as standard service.
  • Blocks any future language character set available in a TLD.
  • Blocks typo domains.

Further functions with Uni EPS+

Uni EPS+ prevents rights holders from having to choose which labels to protect and which not. By default, Uni EPS+ covers all labels and offers an unlimited number of locks on all additional labels generated by the TMCH and included in the Signed Mark Data (SMD) file.

Uni EPS+ also blocks the use of homoglyph characters in domain registrations, which are often used by phishers to confuse users with similar domain names.

For this reason, Uni EPS+ is a valuable tool to combat this threat and will also block all character variants of a domain that are available for registration now and in the future.

For which TLDs is EPS available?

There are some updates to EPS and EPS+ following the UNR TLD auctions that took place at the end of April 2021. These changes include:

  • Newly created blocks and renewals will cover the following 10 TLDs: .click, .country, .gift, .help, .hiphop, .hiv, .juegos, .link, .sexy, .tattoo.
  • The following 13 TLDs will no longer participate in EPS: .audio, .blackfriday, .christmas, .diet, .flowers, .game, .guitars, .hosting, .lol, .mom, .photo, .pics, .property.

All existing (non-expiring) blocks will continue to be honored by the original 23 TLDs until their current expiration dates.