Trademark monitoring: We protect your good name!

The monitoring of your own trademark or brand on the Internet should be an essential part of any brand protection strategy.

  • Take advantage of our worldwide brand and trademark monitoring.
  • Get comprehensive reports on the online activities concerning your brand or trademark.
  • Know what is happening with your good name

Brand monitoring - Globally with BrandShelter

BrandShelter uses the latest technology to reveal domain registrations similar to your brands.

Our expert team analyzes the data and provides a summarized report in a compact and comprehensible manner.

What we monitor:

  • Identical and confusingly similar brands
  • Phonetic equivalents, translations, transliterations, and graphical similarities
  • The presence of prefixes, suffixes, or middle words
  • Logo and design

Everything at a glance

Trademark Name

BrandShelter provides information on newly registered and preexisting trademarks worldwide and compiles a comprehensive list of identical and confusing trademarks. Phonetic equivalents, translations and transliterations of trademarks are included.

Trademark Applications in the US

BrandShelter warns you when a particular company or person submits an application or registers a trademark with the USPTO. You will also be notified if a trademark is approved for publication and of any changes to the status of any specific applications.

Company Name

BrandShelter recommends company name monitoring for all company brands. We will notify you when a confusingly similar company name is registered in any of more than 40 international jurisdictions, including the US.

Official Gazette

BrandShelter warns you when critical brand names are published in the U.S. Official Gazette. All notices contain opposition periods as listed in the Gazette. Best used in combination with the U.S. trademark application monitoring.

Goods / classes

BrandShelter notifies you when a specific goods description or trademark class is used in either a newly filed trademark application or in a mark published for opposition. Extremely useful for monitoring a particular market segment.


BrandShelter informs you if a draft of a logo design with specific pre-defined characteristics has been filed in an application with the USPTO or has been published for the objection in U.S. Official Gazette.