Brand Protection

What is online brand protection? 

Your brand name is your most valuable asset. Are you doing everything you can to protect it? 

When it comes to your brand presence online, having a comprehensive brand protection strategy in place is non-negotiable. 

With the rise of cybersquatting, phishing, malware and other online scams, brand impersonation and cybercriminals offering counterfeit products online, it is more important than ever to protect your intellectual property rights and your brand reputation. It has never been so easy to create a social media account or register a domain name in someone else’s name, committing identity theft and brand abuse in the process. 

There are multiple ways to protect yourself and your business against these threats before and after they occur. This is where brand protection services come in to support you. 

Brand protection services can help you with trademark infringements, the takedown of infringing domain name registrations, cease and desist orders and further law enforcement if necessary. 

What are the most common threats to your brand online? 


Domain Spoofing (Phishing)


What can I do to protect myself against cyber attacks? 

There are a lot of measures you can take to proactively prevent cyber attacks. Having the right DNS services, SSL certificates and Blocking services in place will help you protect your web pages and sensitive data that your visitors might submit, which is important to establish trust and credibility in your brand. 

Choosing the right providers and services will make your life easier if you are faced with attempts of online fraud and phishing attacks, as they often can be prevented by having a solid cybersecurity system in place. 

However, if you have already been affected, there are several ways we can help. 

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