What is Brandjacking? 

The term Brandjacking describes the activity of hijacking a brand identity, usually of a well-known brand, to cause some type of damage to the brand’s reputation, brand equity or online identity. 

Brandjacking can come in many forms but nowadays is primarily used on social media platforms for the impersonation of a brand, politician, business, celebrity or other well-known entity. 

While some types of brandjacking may be used for financial gain to acquire personal data from the deceived parties, the most common intention of these scams is purely the reputation damage to the brand owners caused by the identity theft. 

What can I do to protect myself against brandjacking? 

There are various measures to be taken against attacks such as brandjacking. Having a comprehensive brand protection strategy in place will help you be prepared for any attempt of attacks such as these. 

Measures you can take: 

  • Registering your brand and sub-brand names on social networks 
  • Using website and social media monitoring tools to uncover potential brand infringements (link to monitoring page) 
  • Considering legal action against already discovered infringements (link to enforcement page) 
  • Staying in open communication with your target market so your customers know which of your websites and social media accounts are legitimate and trustworthy 

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